Destination Wedding on your mind? Here’s the planning list.

If you ask any to-be bride or groom on how they would want their wedding to be conducted? Destination Wedding is the answer you’ll hear from them often. After all, it’s the excitement of a wedding combined with all the fun of a vacation at a different place. However, organizing this sort of a wedding is not an easy task and needs proper planning. To make things easier, here are some DO’s and DONT’s of planning a destination wedding.

  1. Don’t land up on the same day

Even if you’ve hired a personal wedding planner to ease out things for you, last minute changes happens mostly. And, if you are a host, reach the destination 2-3 days prior to see whether the wedding preparations are going on smoothly or not. That way you can make better arrangements with more ease and avoid the last minute hustles and chaos.

  1. Host all functions at one venue

The most important thing to be kept in mind while planning a destination wedding is to host all the functions at one venue. You, your family and your guests have travelled from all different corners of the world to be part of your wedding and making them travel more will lead only to exhaustion. Looking into this, at Kasturi Orchid we give you a plethora of options to host your wedding ceremonies as per the size of your guest list.

  1. Stay at same venue

Staying at one place and hosting functions at some other place would spoil the late night fun with family and guests. The Wedding celebrations last for a week and you only get to enjoy when everyone is around. Therefore, choose a venue which offers you everything at one place. For that, Kasturi Orchid might just be the perfect venue for you where you get a combination of Hotel+Garden+Banquet at one place.

  1. Take a few trips to the venue before the Wedding

If you thought that landing to the destination at the time of wedding is fine then you’re highly mistaken. You’ll have to visit the destination at least 2-3 times before to ensure all the preparations are happening as per your liking.

  1. Don’t carry too much luggage

It’s a Wedding and there are a lot many other things that requires vigilance. And, if you carry heavy luggage coupled with expensive jewellery it will only add to your woes. Plan accordingly and pack only those things that you would require during ceremonies. Choosing artificial jewellery for the pre wedding ceremonies is not a bad idea as it comes in a range of designs and looks gorgeous. Moreover, you won’t be stressed if it gets misplaced or stolen during the transit.



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